Top Fashion Short Hairstyles 2018

We’re going into a new season and look, but also need to adjust to the new season. The gloomy winter and cold affect your hair for a long time in an effort, you might try to cut her hair too short! But you will cut the hair must of course be trendy! In order to find the most appropriate style, you have compiled most short hair novelties for you!

Short hairstyles 2019

Maybe the reason your short hair cut off was not that you would not dare to find your dream model. Today you would say “I want it” for you, we have put together the short haircut. Let’s see if we could help you get the haircut of your dreams short.

LOB haircut – the favorite among trend hairstyles

LOB haircut – the favorite among trend hairstyles
Which longbob belongs to the fashion trends of the year. A sense of casual sportiness fits in with all styles of clothing and can be worn by women of all generations.
While the hair length of the traditional bob reaches the highest to the chin, she moves between the chin and shoulders during the LOB haircut. Basta the basic haircut of Longbob can be many different hairstyles

20 Hair Color Ideas: Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blond is a beautiful, distinctive and bold hair color, which is not z. Hd. This breathtaking and light drop shadow of this blonde is sure to cause assignment, but z. Hd. Empty the right reasons, because it looks so lightweight lightweight! It is a courageous political move to Hd. Platinblonde temporarily put off – in contrast, one thing we can assure you, you will never regret it, just as such beautiful ladies in this mat gallery prove.
Here are a collection of universally stunning platinum blonde hair ideas to inspire you to be brave in the context of your next new look! Let us know which one you think.

Short Hair Styles For Women New Season!

Modern Short Hairstyles For Women 

Short hair modern Short Hairstyles For Women Wives and Guys come with design of 2017 hairstyles. In the website you need to select new hairstyle trends. If you have oval shape face, with color you will look great. If you have thin hair, with layer it will look thicker 

Fashionable short hair styles women 2019

  Short hairstyles with color are also trendy. You can create the trendy hairstyles 2017 that you look thinner yet sophisticated. trendy pony To make it even more beautiful. short hairstyles 2017/2018 for women and men is best for birthdays.

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Pink hair styles colors and models 2019!

Pink hair colors and models 2019

Pink hair, the most colorful season and in summer, try something new even more attractive. Today, colorful and 2017  models will be changing trends. The pink tint is popular with many famous diversities and Instagram stars became a choice. Pink, hair color, any skin color and hair style, we must admit, it is surprisingly good. Pink haired hair and mesmerizing conversion heads that prefer celebrities take a look at the women.

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Fragrance recommendations for the winter month 

Fragrance recommendations for the winter month 

Fragrance is recommended for winter months; Together with the cooling of the air we experience changes in clothing and fashion. We also live in our perfumes at the same time. Our summer favorite scents are light and volatile, so we can not use the same perfume in the winter months. Because the persistence of perfumes in winter is lower than in the summer months. One of the reasons for this is to associate with the body air that comes from heating the body with hot air in the summer and then moisturizing the body. Sweating is very low in winter, so you need to use more permanent odors. For this it is necessary to prefer spicier odors with high alcohol and fat content. 


Estee Laudeer Modern Muse 


 It is one of the mild but very ambitious scents that the company brings to market. One reason for being ambitious is that it does not bother you with ease and self-evidentness. The scent of flowers makes the scent smell fresh and clean. At the same time, you can feel the spice smell in the heart note, which makes the smell permanent and suitable for the winter. Modern Muse, which has become increasingly popular since its introduction, will be a perfume that you will not hesitate to do in cold weather. 


Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium  

Among the fragrances used in winter, the classic D’Opium can be very different. The smell of sandalwood oil, lily and jasmine, however, with its soft and sweet scent may be a good choice for the winter. We would like to say that there is a shisha smell in it. This makes it one of the qualities that makes perfume interesting. The perfume bottle and the message she gives are not exactly mysterious and pleasurable, but it gives the impression that this perfume is a sexy perfume. We can say that it is also suitable for the night perfume.

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HOMEMADE LIPSTICK – Produce by yourself


Homemade Lipstick, the production of make-up materials at home is the practice that ladies have recently chosen. Women are very focused on this practice as they are both natural and healthy. Especially at home, there are various applications such as lipstick, rouge, BB cream, eyeliner, liquid headlights. 
Ladies can research the internet to do it. It is both economical and useful to evaluate the makeup materials left in the house and to use them from scratch. Especially at home, lipstick is a commonly used application. Especially since it is made of natural materials, it helps and protects the skin. 
Natural materials, pastel colors or enhanced lipstick can be used as a lipstick at home. Coconut oil, honey, radish, sugar beet, honey wax, olive oil, vanilla, etc. are used. Homemade Lipstick Besides these, products such as Vaseline and the like can be used. Burning oils can also be used if the lips are to be filled. When one of these materials is to be used, it is put into a container and the melting process is carried out, and the lipstick is deep-frozen by mixing well. Thereafter, natural lipstick is obtained. 

Lipstick doing with Vaseline at home 

 Homemade Lipstick Vaseline is a very useful product in terms of skin health. It prevents the skin from drying out and tearing, especially in winter. The skin nourishes itself nourishingly. Likewise, when the lips are pressed, it ensures that the lips are full. These reasons are more advantageous and advantageous to use Vaseline in the production of lipstick at home. When making lipstick at home, you should use some Vaseline, a coloring product (increasing lipsticks, natural products or pastel colors), essence or aroma oils or products. These products are melted in a container and mixed well and lipstick obtained. 
Ingredients Used in Lipstick Making  
The materials used in making lipstick at home are shaped and modified as needed. These materials can be generally used as wax, paraffin, vaseline, coconut oil, olive oil or various oils, old lipsticks as coloring matters, foods giving natural color, food coloring or pastel dye. In addition to these, essences or various oils can be used to make lipstick taste and smell good. Lipstick can be mixed and lipstick can be made whichever material is used. Dye should also be noticed, do not use too much of old lipstick, pastel colors should be healthy pastel colors of children. In our previous article, Cruelty Free What, What’s Cruelty Free, Cruelty Free Brands and Cruelty Free Brands are in our article titled Cruelty Free Markets. 

Wavy Hair – Best Wavy Hairstyles For You

Hairstyles 2019

Do you have a wavy hair? Quick and easy look at the hair styles we choose for your hairstyles? Are you looking for simple and stylish hair styles for you? Then you are in the right place! Almost any hair model will be fine because your hair is because your hair has a natural volume.

choose which wavy hair model

So choose which hair model you choose and get a great result. Well, what about the quick and easy hairstyles we choose for your hairstyles? If you want to finish in minutes, the messy hairstyle is just what you want! Apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni ART Full Volume Mold Foam to your hair and spread the foam all over your hair by pressing with the same hand as above. Then sculpt the hair with the Vigo title of the finger. Here are your scattered waves ready.

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Most Fashionable – Short Hairstyles in New Season

Most Fashionable Short Hairstyles

We are going to have most fashionable hairstyles to adapt to a news sonand the look, but also the new season? The gloomy winter and cold affect your hair for a long time in an effort, you might try tocut her hair too short! But you will cut the hair must of course be trendy! In order to find the most appropriatestyle, you have compiled most short hair novel ties for you!


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