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HOMEMADE LIPSTICK – Produce by yourself


Homemade Lipstick, the production of make-up materials at home is the practice that ladies have recently chosen. Women are very focused on this practice as they are both natural and healthy. Especially at home, there are various applications such as lipstick, rouge, BB cream, eyeliner, liquid headlights. 
Ladies can research the internet to do it. It is both economical and useful to evaluate the makeup materials left in the house and to use them from scratch. Especially at home, lipstick is a commonly used application. Especially since it is made of natural materials, it helps and protects the skin. 
Natural materials, pastel colors or enhanced lipstick can be used as a lipstick at home. Coconut oil, honey, radish, sugar beet, honey wax, olive oil, vanilla, etc. are used. Homemade Lipstick Besides these, products such as Vaseline and the like can be used. Burning oils can also be used if the lips are to be filled. When one of these materials is to be used, it is put into a container and the melting process is carried out, and the lipstick is deep-frozen by mixing well. Thereafter, natural lipstick is obtained. 

Lipstick doing with Vaseline at home 

 Homemade Lipstick Vaseline is a very useful product in terms of skin health. It prevents the skin from drying out and tearing, especially in winter. The skin nourishes itself nourishingly. Likewise, when the lips are pressed, it ensures that the lips are full. These reasons are more advantageous and advantageous to use Vaseline in the production of lipstick at home. When making lipstick at home, you should use some Vaseline, a coloring product (increasing lipsticks, natural products or pastel colors), essence or aroma oils or products. These products are melted in a container and mixed well and lipstick obtained. 
Ingredients Used in Lipstick Making  
The materials used in making lipstick at home are shaped and modified as needed. These materials can be generally used as wax, paraffin, vaseline, coconut oil, olive oil or various oils, old lipsticks as coloring matters, foods giving natural color, food coloring or pastel dye. In addition to these, essences or various oils can be used to make lipstick taste and smell good. Lipstick can be mixed and lipstick can be made whichever material is used. Dye should also be noticed, do not use too much of old lipstick, pastel colors should be healthy pastel colors of children. In our previous article, Cruelty Free What, What’s Cruelty Free, Cruelty Free Brands and Cruelty Free Brands are in our article titled Cruelty Free Markets. 
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