Fragrance recommendations for the winter month 

Fragrance recommendations for the winter month 

Fragrance is recommended for winter months; Together with the cooling of the air we experience changes in clothing and fashion. We also live in our perfumes at the same time. Our summer favorite scents are light and volatile, so we can not use the same perfume in the winter months. Because the persistence of perfumes in winter is lower than in the summer months. One of the reasons for this is to associate with the body air that comes from heating the body with hot air in the summer and then moisturizing the body. Sweating is very low in winter, so you need to use more permanent odors. For this it is necessary to prefer spicier odors with high alcohol and fat content. 


Estee Laudeer Modern Muse 


 It is one of the mild but very ambitious scents that the company brings to market. One reason for being ambitious is that it does not bother you with ease and self-evidentness. The scent of flowers makes the scent smell fresh and clean. At the same time, you can feel the spice smell in the heart note, which makes the smell permanent and suitable for the winter. Modern Muse, which has become increasingly popular since its introduction, will be a perfume that you will not hesitate to do in cold weather. 


Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium  

Among the fragrances used in winter, the classic D’Opium can be very different. The smell of sandalwood oil, lily and jasmine, however, with its soft and sweet scent may be a good choice for the winter. We would like to say that there is a shisha smell in it. This makes it one of the qualities that makes perfume interesting. The perfume bottle and the message she gives are not exactly mysterious and pleasurable, but it gives the impression that this perfume is a sexy perfume. We can say that it is also suitable for the night perfume.

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